Sunday, May 30, 2010


Memorial Day weekend, the first holiday of summer, and a time of reflection on loss of loved ones...and heroes who risk and give their lives for us so we can live the life of our choice in America...and it's a great time for personal reflection.

Here are a few of the joys of our country life ---

Our Wee Gnome has joined the garden and overlooks the domain among the shamrocks. He makes me smile every day.

The birdhouse condo flower bed is in it's full glory - the blue delphiniums are beautiful, the roses glowing and the pansies still showing a happy yellow. A Wren family is setting up home in the top birdhouse.

These beautiful roses, a housewarming gift from sister Sandi, are a welcoming sight in the entry flowerbed. I think of her every time I look at the roses.  She loves pink and these are perfect Sandi pink roses - they glow just like her personality.

This is the year of the daisy - they are lush this year. Another happy flower that always brings a smile.
And the vegetable garden, to our delight, is thriving with the warm weather.

Beets, spinach and peas - yum--

Tomatoes are looking healthy - I can imagine the taste and can hardly wait-

and check out the peas...any day now.

The Dots are really growing, as you can see.  We turned them out to free range the first time today and they barely ventured out of their run but I'm sure as the days go on they will explore more of the yard.  We're counting on them to help the guineas with bug control. You can see that the dark ones are beginning to show their dots. The light chicks are the Easter Egg chickens.

I wish you could hear the birds, guineas, chickens, horses, bees, and neighbors cows that I am hearing now - the symphony of the country.
Have a safe, fun Memorial Day!


Janet said...

I just love your blog and all the pictures you post. We have no garden or flowers, waiting till I get back from my second NY trip since I don't want to make hubby be responsible for them. So will just enjoy looking at all your flowers.

Anonymous said...

Delores you write so beautifuly. One can almost smell the flowers, the country, and hear the animals. Sandy

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Laguna Beach! So good to see you! we LOVE reading your country tales, beautiful writing and pictures. What a dream come true! I am glad I finally got over the fear and clicked the link - I've been shying away from all the latest technologies including blogs and text messaging... We LOVE your country living - the land, the beautiful creatures accompanying you everyday, the gifts of nature you harvest. What a way to live life. No wonder you are looking younger and happier. We are very happy for you both. You have come a full cycle indeed. We miss you very much, and your delicious pies too! My folks from China send their best regards. Hope to visit you one day soon.

Anonymous said...

Delores-You are making this all look too easy! I giggled with glee to see the last photo of the Dots heading into their house! Just cute as can be. Your gardens are amazing and I'm wishing I could shop out of it. I'd rather pay you than the grocery store!