Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Autumn Bounty

I've been busy in the garden all September bringing in the harvest...
Beautiful carrots from the garden, just scrubbed and
ready for freezing for winter soups and stews
Sliced then blanched before freezing
Beautiful Missouri peaches turned into several lovely
jars of Peach Ginger and Old Fashioned Peach jam
Marinara sauce, blueberry and peach jam

Apple rosemary jelly and apple ginger marmalade
made from apples from my Aunt Frieda and Uncle
Joe's apple tree in South Dakota

This is a bucket of bliss! The tomatoes are FINALLY
ripening which means I have been tied to the kitchen
making all the tomato preserves --- marinara sauce,
salsa, ketsup and tomato sauce. It will be a tasty
winter afterall.

I could barely lift this container of tomatoes. The
tomato plants are loaded with ripening tomatoes so
I'll be in the kitchen for sometime yet.

Raspberry, cherry,  & blueberry cherry jams and two
quarts of marinara sauce. Yeah, I've been making
a lot of jam, but it's a staple for Mark with his home
made bread. Come January, it is a real treat on bread,
waffles or some vanilla ice cream!
And here is a lovely view that I witnessed from my
kitchen window while working at the sink. Nature is
just outside my windows.


Kaye M said...

Wow, I guess you have been busy with garden produce! I'm glad your tomatoes finally ripened--ours didn't do so well. I'm still watering and deadheading flowers. I preserved some hydrangeas with a glycerin solution and have run out so need to get some more.
We've been combining beans and got them done yesterday. Corn will be next but its not quite dry enough yet.
Happy Autumn,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you ladies have been busy with your produce. This is the first year I have not done any canning but I've been busy making moves of mums and after Kent built a new berm for the lilacs I got all of my tinkerbell lilacs grouped together now. Also got new tulip and hyacinth bulbs planted for new spring beauty. My dahlias are gorgeous right now. Helped my daughter redo her front yard so my first offering of landscapeing suggestions ended with a very pleased customer. We've had quite interesting visitors in our neighborhood this month: 2 turkey hens and 13 young ones. They feed at my bird feeding station and roost in my neighbors trees at night. Time for us to set aside a day soon again. I know Pat's wedding is over. Talk to Chuck this wk and she was still there taking care of things while they were gone. Fall blessings to everyone! JoAnn

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see a new entry. I kinda figured you were busy putting the garden up for winter.
I have been the recipient of various garden goodies from friends since we didn't have time to care for a garden this year. Hopefully next year we will be picking our own produce in the Black Hills. The hpuse is coming along nicely and we hope to be in by Christmas. Take care and hug each other for us.

Sandy in South Dakota