Monday, September 15, 2014

Update on New House

We've made great progress on the house. The roof is shingled, the well is dug, the plumbing and electrical are almost finished; still need the septic system installed, the HVAC is almost done, just need to complete the geothermal heat/air system and siding is going up.

                Here are the roofers almost finished.
This is the back side of the house.

New garage doors are installed but the windows on the doors need to be moved to next lower level(now done). House is now enclosed.
Here we are laying out the kitchen table. The four windows are the sink area. The next room is the master bedroom.
Windows and outside doors are installed. This is the front door and it will be red. The fireplace is installed as well and you can see the wires the electrician is pulling throughout the house.
View from the kitchen to the living room. You can see the fireplace better and all the wonderful windows. Wires are being pulled all through the house. Plumbing is almost finished, only outside trenches etc. need to be completed.
Digging the well, found water at 320 feet, clear, good water.
Here's the drill with all that pipe. It was a fascinating process.

Here is the owner, Dick P., holding one of the water pipes. Happy the well is in with good water. We are having the best time building this house together. Mark and I are so happy that Dick will be our neighbor

You can see the garage windows have been moved and the siding is going up.
View of the edge of garage and front porch. The porch will have a different siding which you'll see when it's finished early next week.
Another view of the porch and south side of house. The insulation is scheduled soon and then the drywall. We're moving along, finally. Being so far from the city makes us vulnerable to the subcontractors' schedules. We're hoping he gets in before the snow flies!

This has been the most fun project I have ever worked on. What will I do next?