Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wyandott chick - one of the Dots

Baby Easter Egg chick

spring has arrived - finally

The pastures are greening. The bulbs are pushing through the soil. The panseys are glowing...and the new baby chicks have arrived. 16 Wyandotts and 5 Ameraucanas - all girls.

The Wyandotts are black and white and the Ameraucanas lay green and blue colored eggshells. It will be fun to see them wandering around the yard. But first things first. They just arrived. We made a nursery in our laundry room so they will be warm and can be watched so they have a good strong start. This is day 2 and they seem to be thriving. Lots of peeping going on.

We also purchased guinea hens and they have to be kept in a pen for 4-6 weeks so they learn that this is their home. They are adults so their inclination is to go "home". We want them to make our place their new home - 'cuz we have lots of icky bugs for them. They look prehistoric with heads alot like vultures. But they love to look at themselves in a mirror so we hung a mirror in their coop so they can admire themselves to their hearts content.

So we have 31 birds to join the horses on our little country place. It will be a fun summer with all this activity.

Our next project is preparing the garden.