Sunday, August 10, 2014

Our Newest Baby

Our best mare, Boone, had a late baby this year and he is adorable! Usually baby horses are born in the spring but we have the thrill of an August baby. His daddy is Cats a Kwackin, a son of High Brow Cat, a money earner performance horse. This is a special little guy!
Just two days old, still a little wobbly,
but starting to buck and play
The newborn baby horse tail is
so cute and fuzzy
He's never far from Mom
You can see how tiny he is next to the mares
and the feeder
He is friendly and curious. He'll walk to
you in the pasture.
Since Buddy joined the family three years ago, we haven't had many wild turkeys come into our yard. We used to have many that would walk across our lawn and would visit the chickens in the Dot House. Some would seek the shade of the lawn under our trees during the hot days of summer. Buddy is such a good watchdog that no wild creature has much chance here so they stay away. When considering most wild life around here, I'm happy for his protection. But I do miss the wild turkeys. Much to my dismay last week, I was in the kitchen and looked out the window to see a hen turkey and her two babies cross the back lawn. Then all the guineas arrived on their round about the house. Where was Buddy? Well, he missed this one, thank heavens!

The hen and chicks crossing the back yard
the turkeys are almost to the safety of the
brush; the guineas showed up too
view of garden, Dot House and cottage from
the horse pasture
This year I planted four o'clocks. It is an old fashioned flower that Mother always planted in her flower garden. I loved them as a child because the flowers opened late in the day hence the name, four o'clocks. The blossoms are in vivid hues that are particularly lovely on cloudy or foggy days.

four o'clocks just beginning to open late in
the day
I hope you are enjoying your summer. Fresh peaches are in, time for jam and pies for the freezer! Tomatoes are just beginning to ripen here. I'm sure I'll be slammed with ripe tomatoes soon but now I am longing for them as they seem to be taking their time changing to red.