Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year, Dear Readers...

Every year on New Year's Eve, I take stock of the past year and how I lived my life and what I experienced that year. I am quickly approaching my 65th year and everything has a little different hue for me. I certainly feel the richness of my experiences and the abounding love of my husband, family, and dear friends for which I feel blessed.

What I do know is that I'm very happy with my life. I love that we retired to the country where we are in the midst of nature both as observer and as participant. I awake every day with gratitude.

We had a serious loss this past year of a dear friend who lost her battle with lung cancer, some personal brushes with health challenges, friends who received news of serious health issues, but also new babies, new marriages, graduations, travel, visitors and all the other milestones of life. In other words it was another year of human experiences each of which marked my heart.

What with all the political crisis, negativity, violence and meanness in the world in which we currently reside, I try to  live my life with dignity, respect, kindness and love and hope for us all that we can make the world a better place in 2013. One person CAN make a difference, and THAT is how the world will change.

Best wishes and blessings for the new year,

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A White Christmas Afterall?

Yesterday the weathermen were right...we got snow...and wind...which blew the snow into drifts...
Small drifts in the front of the house.
This view northeast is minus a beautiful
large pine tree that succumbed to
pine beetle this past fall. It definitely
left a hole in the landscape.
...and drifts also in back
We got just 2-3" and for that we are grateful! Every bit of moisture helps the drought conditions. Plus, it is beautiful, isn't it?
Buddy played in the snow. His
rope was frozen solid so that was
a no-go.

The snow stacked up against the wind
break in the front yard

The guineas, chickens, miniature donkey and horses are all doing well this morning...
It is lovely to look at from inside where it is toasty and goodies are being created in the kitchen...

Looking south to the back of the house
from the dining room; the bird feeders
are outside these doors so we've been
watching their frantic feeding this morning
Speaking of feeding the birds, last weekend our good friends from Denver, John and Cheryl, were visiting and one morning during breakfast we noticed Eastern bluebirds in the birdbath! Six of them! I was delighted because I thought they would be gone by now. We have at least six bluebird houses so we have lots of bluebirds around during the spring and summer but never this late.
Bluebirds in the tree and at the

Closeup of bluebird (r) and house-
finch (l) in December!

We wish you all Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Dots

The Dots are now in full production; this is one day's worth...
24 eggs! As you can imagine, I have to share with friends and family.
This year we chose chicken breeds that were more rare or had lovely feathers and unusual colored eggs.This variety of chicken breeds provide such wonderful color in eggs. Lovely to look at but the same nutrition in each so its really a novelty more than anything.  I love giving away the colorful cartons of fresh eggs. It always makes the recipients happy!

This years Dots are just beautiful as you can see here...
The Dots are fighting over apple cores -
a delicacy.

Most people don't realize the gorgeous
feathers that chickens have. Here in front
left is an Ameracuna (blue or green eggs)
and on the right is a Partridge Rock (brown

A Blue Andalusian (white eggs) shows
off her pretty blue colors
The Blue-red Laced Wyandotte (brown eggs) 
is going after the lettuce leaf. Greens are a
big deal during the cold months when the
foraging is sparse.

The white with black neck feathers on
left is a Colombian Wyandotte. The
Wyandotte breed are hearty and sweet

A Black Giant (L) and Ameracuna (R).

The black  hen on the left with the
feathered feet is a Black Copper Marans
who lays the chocolate brown eggs. The
two Blue-red Laced Wyandottes to the right
are also a fairly rare breed in the US.

This Easter Egger with no rump lays
beautiful blue or green eggs too.

On my way to workout on Friday morning
I had to stop to take this frosty morning
picture of the prairie. I am constantly
caught off guard by it's subtle beauty.