Friday, December 31, 2010


We hope you have a Happy New Year!  Our New Years Eve started with our first snow of the season - imagine that. It is beautiful. All our wild birds are in a feeding frenzy but they have plenty of food and water.

The domestic birds, guinea fowl and Dots and Ameraucana hens (aka Easter egg chickens), are all in their warm sheds with plenty of food and water. I even got 11 eggs today -- on a very cold, below zero day.

As you can see, Country Life Tales has a new look. I wanted to change it up and I intend to use personal seasonal pictures as the masthead of the blog. I hope you like it as we go along.
This what we woke to this morning; check out
the thermometer by double clicking on the pic

And then the sun came out! Winter is sooo
Four years ago we were invited to view the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena with friends Kevin and Juliet who live on the parade route. It was a wonderful experience to see and smell the floats in person --- yes smell, all those flowers are fragrant. We'll be thinking of you, Kevin and Juliet! Hope it isn't too cold this year.

We are looking forward to 2011 and all the adventures it may bring. We hope we will be hosting some of you as you travel to or through Nebraska.

       HAPPY NEW YEAR Dear Friends!


Janet said...

Happy New Year. I love the new look of the blog. Good to change it up once in a while. But then I'm talking, still using the same picture on Facebook. Think I'll change that tonight and start the new year with a new look. Have a wonderful 2011.

Juliet said...

We made the blog! I was just thinking of you today and I was going to tell you to think of us as you watch the parade. It has been cold here, down in the 30's at night but we will bundle up tomorrow! You have an open invitation anytime you would like to see the parade again.

Katie Cameron said...

Dia and I are going to the Parade for the first time tomorrow, Delores! (We are TOO spoiled being friends with Juliet, huh?) I'm really excited. Now, as far as your post goes, I'm glad YOU like it, because while the snow is gorgeous that thermometer is UGLY! Keep warm!

Delores said...

The parade was gorgeous and it looked like the weather was too! Happy New Year! Delores

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