Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snow Storm Pictures

We had our third snowstorm of the winter and it was a doozy. The storm started with a day of rain (yippee!) which turned to wet heavy snow for nearly another day (yippee!). All the living things with roots in the ground are happy with the moisture that this storm brought.

Here are some pictures of the storm - during and after - that you may enjoy; especially those of you in California who have been enjoying 75-80 degree weather. See what you are missing?

We woke up to heavy snow with branches
weeping to the ground so we had the big
job of knocking the snow off.

The birds were feeding throughout the
storm during the day
This birdbath heater becomes critical
for keeping the water unfrozen in this
country. The water is what draws the
birds to Edwards Ranch.
See what I mean?
The Dot House in the storm. Snow
swirled and filled the pen so I had
to clear a path so the hens would come
out of the house once the snow stopped.
See the snowbank in the Dots pen?

Here I am in my chicken chores couture
clearing the snow so my girls can get outside.

A view to the garden where you also
see the birds in the snow picking through
seeds blown to the ground.

Buddy found a protected spot under
the evergreens.

Buddy's nose in the snow...he did this
all day evidently looking for something
And then the sun came out... very very
cold as you can see by the fluffed feathers
on these robins at the birdbath.
The heavy wet snow on the branches
highlight the birds waiting for their
place at the feeder
I've told you, this is robin country!
Click on this picture to fully see the
joy of the birds in the crisp blue winter
And in spite of the freezing weather,
high winds, snow and being stuck inside
during the storm, my girls still gave me
16 beautiful eggs in one day! Boy, are
they producing now.

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