Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Special Community Event

Nebraska Special Olympics Torch Run 2012
This week I had the honor of attending the Special Olympics Torch Run in Palmer, NE. Our young friend, Wyatt Bader, (shown above) is leading the runners in the parade held at the run destination. Wyatt is a high school freshman who participates in wrestling, golf and High School Rodeo in the cattle cutting competition. This year he is eligible to be a Special Olympics athlete. The Special Olympics Torch Run was from St Paul, NE to Palmer, NE which is 14 miles and several people from the community made the full run as you can see below; several people ran for a mile or two. When the runners arrive in Palmer they become part of the celebration parade. After the parade, there is a ceremony and a fundraising supper--- A worthwhile community event.

Wyatt's Mom, Crissy, is a Special Olympics coach. Last year she was one of a few selected out of hundreds of coaches in the U.S. to participate as a coach in the International Special Olympics Games held in Athens, Greece. What an honor. She works tirelessly with the Special Olympics and is certainly making a difference in the program in Nebraska. We are so proud of her.
Crissy, running with the torch bearer, isn't even touching the ground! She is quite an athlete in her own right.
Meanwhile, Back at the ranch...
I just have to share my roses with you and wish you could smell them! The late spring garden is so beautiful this year. Just the right amount of rain and warm weather. David Austin roses have such glorious fragrance. I also have some antique roses which have strong, lovely, old fashioned fragrance too.

I have mostly shades of pink roses but I have one yellow rose bush and one apricot. As you can see, these roses resemble a peony. I have some of the new Knock Out roses and boy do they bloom. They are so hearty and prolific and quite beautiful. I like to leave them on the bush and cut the other ones for the house.
It's great to see a bumblebee on the allium. Last year we had so few bees but I'm hopeful for this year. The honeybee situation is of great concern especially after reading Kim Flottum's most recent bee report, "The number of beekills this spring due to poisoning by pesticides has skyrocketed. In Ohio just this spring we have seen more beekills than I can remember total in the past 25 years combined. Reports from many, many states have been coming into this office in the past couple of weeks." If you want more information about bees, check out

This is the first peony that I've brought into the house. The plants are just beginning to seriously bloom this year. It takes about two to three years for them to get established
but then they last for 30-40 years so it is worth the wait! I have this deep rose color along with soft pink and white. I adore peonies so I'm very excited to see the blooms this year. I look forward to having bouquets of them all over the house once they are fully mature.

Happy May,

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I adore fragrant roses! Those are beautiful. *It's moments like this that I wish internet technology included a scratch n' sniff option.