Monday, May 27, 2013

Baby Horse Colt Born This Morning

Early this morning, Mark went out to do chores and called me to come outside because a colt was being born.  I grabbed the camera and witnessed a miracle, what a great life event. I took lots of pictures so for those who don't have this opportunity, here is something special.

When I got to the pasture, the baby was on the ground, still covered in the placenta.
Mom is licking baby who is still pretty quiet.

Baby is shivering and starting to move it's legs.
He's beginning to move around and kick his legs. We had a big rain last night following a huge rain the day before, so the pasture spot she chose to give birth was pretty muddy. It was slippery for a new baby colt trying to get on it's legs for the first time.
Thinking about getting up.
Stretching out the legs.
First try.
Come on, you can do it.
Mom can't do much to help but stand nearby and occasionally give a lick. He's trying a different angle with his legs.
UP. For a second.
Buddy is encouraging too. He is always in the middle of everything.
Oops, landed on his bottom, back legs gave out.
Come on baby, you can do it. Give it another try.

Up at last.
Uh oh,
I think he's got it this time...
He did it, standing at last...
Still standing, although a bit wobbly...
Pretty steady now and a new friend came by to say hello...
Well, the excitement is over and Buddy is heading out to scare up something else to do. Baby and Mom are doing fine, baby has been feeding and playing around. A great day!


Janet said...

Loved the pictures. We never had horses on the farm. But saw many new calves being born. You have been getting the rain. We've had maybe 1.5" over the past week or so. That is a lot for us.

Does the colt have a name?

Sandi said...

Such great photos and to witness a birth, very cool. So glad to see that Buddy was in the middle of all the action.

Delores said...

Janet, No name yet. IF left to Mark, it would probably be 'Guber'
- again!! Delores

Anonymous said...

This is fascinating! So cute watching them get that first strength to get up! Never saw this with horses growing up but many little calves. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

The Jacobis said...

Awesome! It's unbelievable how fast they (need to) get up. Great pics!!! Is Mark not very inventive? Does he always name them "Guber"? How about "Mike"? :)

Delores said...

I'll mention to Mark about Mike as a possible name!! No he's not very inventive, the donkey is John and his horse is Charlie. He won't let me name his animals, bummer. They would be more interesting. Love, Delores

Anonymous said...

Amazing experience!

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