Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summers Bounty

The tomatoes have finally ripened and I'm bringing in two huge baskets nearly every day. This first bounty brought six quarts of marinara sauce and four pints of ketchup. We are enjoying the fresh tomatoes and I've frozen many whole. This winter will be more delicious because of this bounty.

The peaches and pear are from our fruit trees. This year we got eight delicious juicy peaches and so far one pear - the other two aren't ripe enough yet to pick! Not a big crop but our first, so exciting.

Another beautiful basket of ripe tomatoes.

My beautiful granddaughter, Kelsey, giving some love before she leaves for Chicago and her new job. We wish her a wonderful life. Mark and I had two precious days with Kelsey and her Mom, Sandra, on their way to move Kelsey to her new home. We so enjoy their company.

My special "girls", Kelsey and Sandra. Visits from family and friends are part of the summers bounty.

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