Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring 2014 Catching Up

I've had technical problems with my blog but I am back! Here are some pictures that I have been taking to share with you...
Sandhills Canes flying over the ranch in March. They are everywhere in the fields around here. After seeing the roosting on the river last year, the enormity of the migration is very real and exciting.

We haven't had much snow this winter only bitter cold; and one day after a heavy fog, all our trees and bushes looked magical with frost like this burning bush.

Tulips are poking through the mulch...

along with alliums... it's getting exciting to see what is happening in the yard every day. I noticed that the lilacs buds are plump and my garlic tips are showing through the mulch.

Our dear friend, Dick, brought a surprise party to our ranch to celebrate my 66th birthday on March 31st. It was sweet and fabulous to have fun again like kids with ice cream cake and party hats.

Dick and Mark with party hats (Mark with stacked hats!)enjoying the ice cream cake. I had on a party hat too and blew out alot of candles!

One lovely warm-ish day while walking to the mailbox, I noticed that the guineas had flown into the large swing tree in the front yard. Look closely in the picture and you'll see them sitting on the branches. They flew quit far up the tree.

Here is a closeup of one of the guineas. Seven made it through the winter just fine.

One of the guineas on the ground never could get into the tree. He tried three times and failed each time. Not sure what his problem was but he didn't have the  hang of it at all. He may not be a survivor in the long run if he can't fly away to escape.

Pretty cool, huh? They are wild creatures yet they stay around our place since this is home. Well they do have a warm, safe, Guinea Shack, after all!

Mark and I went to an exotic animal sale yesterday to see what might be there. This little boy was saying goodbye to the baby 'Baby Doll' miniature goat. His family raised the goats...Both were adorable. The little 'Baby Doll' goats are so little and cute. Here the red baby jumped on it's Mama's back, and stayed there for quite a while...

They were selling peacocks by the dozens, all in these temporary cages to keep them settled and their tails undamaged...

We've thought seriously about getting peacocks but we can't let them free range due to the wild life in our area so we decided against it. They wouldn't be as spectacular (or happy) in a fenced cage.

This little guy totally captivated me. He was so young and fuzzy!
They didn't really have any animals there we considered exotic but there were lots of interesting, cute and sweet animals. Just a fun Sunday outing.

I hope your Spring is going well and you are thinking about your garden.
Happy Spring,

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Janet said...

Love catching up with what is happening in your part of the world. Great pictures and we are all hoping for warmer weather. Your birthday cake was amazing. And bet it was delicious also. How can we be in our 60's and I'm getting much closer to 70 and that is bothering me a bit. Take care and hope your summer goes splendidly.