Sunday, July 20, 2014

Building the Not So Big House

Some of you have mentioned that you've missed my regular posting. Point taken. I've been remiss because of a special project I have been working on and I will share a little about it today.

I have had the opportunity of a lifetime knock on my door. Our friend and neighbor, Dick P, decided to build his new home on his beautiful land near us. We were delighted that he would be a close neighbor and I couldn't wait to watch the house being built.

This is one view of our neighbors land overlooking
oak and cedar forests sheltering local wildlife,
such as deer, turkeys, quail, coyotes, bobcats,
raccoons, ducks, and an occasional elk.
Much to my surprise, he asked me to help him design his kitchen. That led to the laundry room, then the whole house. Together we created a design that fit his lifestyle and interests at only 1460 sf on the first floor and a finished basement of 1,000 sf. It is the perfect The Not So Big House.

If you are interested in architecture, building, or design, check out my favorite architect, Sarah Suzanka and her book series, The Not So Big House.

We broke ground in late May after the ground thawed. It was an exciting day.

The beginnings of the new house in late May

We spent the winter months finalizing the layout design and once that was done we began picking out the flooring, colors, fixtures, windows, doors etc. So as it turned out, we were way ahead of the game. It has been amazing to be involved in the process from the idea phase to the actual building.

Within days the forms were set for the foundation
Pouring the cement
With forms removed, it begins to look like a house

Finishing the garage floor

After the foundation was finished and set, we had several days of rain so everything on construction stalled until things dried. In June the framing begins...

The house is taking shape
Right, electrician Gene is installing the temporary
power for building. On the left is Dick the owner.

View from kitchen window. Did I mention
how beautiful his land is?
Rafters and joists going on.
View from back; right bottom window is bedroom &
left bottom window is family room; right top window
is master suite, middle is kitchen and 4 windows on
left are in living room
close to being enclosed
Enclosed and ready for shingles
In one day the shingles are on
This is the view from his living room - it's
a WOW!

The schedule is full for the coming weeks with lots to do. It seems to be moving fast now that the house is enclosed and we don't have to be concerned with rain setbacks anymore. So, as you can see, I've been busy with a very special project. I'll post again when we get more done.


Anonymous said...

Love the view! What a peaceful setting. How fun to help with designing it. Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted on the progress.

Anonymous said...

Great to see it the progress

Sandi said...

Love the pictures, sis. Can't wait to see it in person! What a project.