Thursday, February 10, 2011

Whole Grains....Are Delicious

I've discovered a new whole grain that is delicious. Farro. Semipearled. It is a hearty ancient European grain with a nutty flavor. It looks like wheat but is a distinct grain. Farro, quinoa, kamut and amaranth are actually some of the oldest foods on earth and I plan to try them. Any that we like I'll incorporate into our diet. So far, farro is a huge success, we both love it. It is prepared like rice, very easy so it's a permanent resident in our diet now.

How did the modern world get so far off track with good nutrition? We somehow managed to take the nutrients out of all the grains - e.g. white flour and white rice, both stripped of their great nutrition for looks. Potatoes are nutritious in themselves but we've managed to add lots of flavorful but fat laden toppings so even potatoes became unhealthy for us. Potatoes seem to be the primary starch in the American diet followed by pasta. We eat pasta but it is whole grain. It took awhile to get used to the change but our taste buds love the whole grain pasta now.

We have been eating brown rice for years now. Love love basmati brown rice.
Our recent favorite is Rice Select's Royal Blend whole grain that includes Texmati brown and red rice with barley and rye. Yummy! It is delicious on its own but also wonderful in soup or as a base for veggie stir fry.

Speaking of vegetables, I ordered the organic seeds I needed for my garden. I saved alot of seeds last year that I intend to start indoors this spring so I'll have homegrown transplants to put into the garden. I have kept the seeds in the refrigerator with silica which helps keep the moisture out. We're thinking of adding two more stock tanks so I have more space for crop rotation.

Saved seeds in container in fridge. I saved seeds
in some of the original containers as well as plastic
bags. I'll be testing them for germination viability soon.

I also ordered the ten baby chicks and they will be arriving late March. Baby chicks and baby plants are the official arrival of spring at our house.

S. Worrell BCM
French cuckoo marans chicks ---
They will be the newest addition
to our chicken stock.


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To the chicken stock?! They look like they are too small to go right in the pot!

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