Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good News --- The Guineas are BACK HOME!

    Very scared cold guineas on their way home to our place
The mystery of our disappearing young guineas has been solved!  Yesterday morning a neighbor stopped by to ask whether we were missing some young guineas. Of course this caused some hopeful excitement around here.  Evidently when I saw them disappear into the tall grass, they continued to eat down the hill, across a couple pastures with lots of hills & ravines, to our neighbors place which is about 1/2 mile from us.  We didn't think of checking with him because he has lots of cats at his place and they can be the enemy of guineas. He said there were originally 12 but now just 7. Roosting in trees is dangerous! Mark went down there today to help catch them and bring them home.  We have to confine them into the guinea house for 30 days so they imprint our place as their home before we let them out again otherwise they'll try to get back to our neighbors.  We made an error by letting them out too young and they hadn't imprinted our place as their home yet. Oh well, we're learning. Anyway, the seven are safe and sound. I'm so glad they are back.

Yesterday it turned very cool in Nebraska.  Our high for the day was in the low 50's and we turned on the furnace for the first time. I'm seeing a tinge of color in the trees and bushes - the sumac are turning red and there is some gold high up in some trees. I hope we have a colorful fall this year.  Last year it was so windy & rainy that the leaves never really put on a show, they just blew off, soggy and brown.

Hot soup ready to eat - it tastes as good as
it looks!
I picked quite a few potatoes yesterday afternoon and used some in homemade chicken noodle soup along with carrots, onions, garlic,  and a little kale and Swiss chard---all from the garden.  I added a slice of fresh ginger, some ground coriander, celery seed and a bay leaf along with salt & pepper for flavoring. Oh it was delicious! Soup is so comforting when it is cool. Looks like soup season is upon us.

Lunch for one today & the leftover soup is even
more delicious!

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Janet said...

What a beautiful table setting. We don't sit down to eat a nice meal often enough. We have a breakfast counter that we eat at, rarely at the dining room table. Sorry a few hens are missing, but at least got 7 back.