Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tucked in for the Winter

The final vegetable harvest is in - gorgeous HUGE sweet potatoes! We're not sure what kind of winter we will be having this year since last year we had our first snow on October 10th and it has been very dry and warm this October so far. The garlic is coming up and the winter onions look fabulous. The last tomatoes are picked and the green tomatoes are wrapped in paper waiting to ripen. All the beds are rototilled. The garden and I are ready for a rest. We're tucked in for the winter.

The last of the tomatoes

The iris are in the ground, thanks to Connie B for sharing; just waiting for the tulip bulbs to arrive by mail and then the flower beds will be covered with chicken wire and ready for spring. For those who asked about plants coming through the wire, we'll just cut the wire and enlarge the hole if needed when perennials begin to poke through in the spring and I'll cut a small hole into the wire to plant the annuals. It's a good theory anyway, we'll see how it works next spring.
 Some vignettes around the house...

The geraniums are in for the winter

The fuse box in the laundry room is
an odd size so it has become the
picture board instead of the refrigerator.
More geraniums & other houseplants
enjoy the sunny room.

Dove guarding the french doors
Dove partner

A little table on dividing wall
You can see all the natural light we get in our
cottage!  This is the view from the entry.

One of the living room end tables

My 14 month old friend, Lucas, whom I have the
privilege to look after occasionally. He LOVES
the Dots - his face shows it! He just arrived with
his Mommy and once out of the carseat headed
straight for the Dot House.

It was a cold windy day but he could have stayed
right here all day. We visited the Dots a couple more
times this day only with coats & hats on.
GUINEA KEET - A FACE ONLY A MOTHER (& DELORES) COULD LOVE; The answer to the function of the 'bump' on the top of the guinea fowls head

These are our young guinea fowl patrolling the yard around the house.  They are
around 15 weeks old and the 'bump' or (official term) helmet on their heads is beginning
to show. The helmet controls the internal temperature for the birds.

Head shot of a 9 week old pearl grey Guinea fowl keet.
This picture is from The Guinea Fowl Blog. Strange looking creatures,
especially this close, but they are beneficial birds including great watchdogs, er,
watchbirds, since they make a racket when someone enters the yard. And, they are
master bug catchers.

Now, this is the adult guinea fowl showing the helmet! Don't they look prehistoric? As
the guinea ages the helmet begins to look more bony - like a horn. The Creator certainly
had a sense of humor with some creations including these birds. These are the birds that love to look at themselves in a mirror! Go figure.


A sunset that resembles a fire on the prairie

Last nights sunset - as pretty as any over the ocean

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