Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Chair With A View


We noticed that the bird feeders were emptying fast. Then one day as I happened to look out the window, I saw a squirrel sitting atop one of the feeders that Mark hung from a light gauge wire to prevent the squirrels from robbing the feeders. How did the squirrel get atop the feeder?

Then as my young friend, Lucas, and I were sitting at the french doors watching the birds together, we witnessed the squirrel walking out onto a very thin branch from which he jumped onto the high wire, turned upside down and hand over hand climbed to the feeder. See the pictures below:
The squirrel just landed on the wire after jumping from the tree

Here is the acrobat doing the upside down hand over hand approach to the bird feeder 

There he goes --- down to the feeder

Success! Until I opened the door and scared him off.


A comfortable chair from which to watch the birds

Having a drink while watching the squirrel eat

We were watching this Robin and House Finch drink water when the finch flew away...

There he goes...

A banking turn and he's gone.  WOW!

My happy friend, Lucas, after birdwatching! Isn't LIFE grand?

There is a boutique in downtown Burbank, CA called SkyBluePink. When I saw this sunset, I thought, sky blue pink! It was spectacular in person. Wish you were here.

NOTE: From Dr. Oz's REAL AGE newsletter...(Did you know? A tiny daily serving of chocolate can improve your blood pressure.)
The question is, how do THEY define 'tiny'?

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Anonymous said...

What great pictures! And yes, life is grand. Your little friend Lucas looks like good company. :)

A tiny bit of chocolate? Please. There is no such thing!

Happy Holidays,