Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ramblings at the Ranch

This is the Dot House and the safe pen for the chickens. Brianna and William helped Mark expand the pen, nearly double in size. It's like I have two flocks - the original DOTS and the new pullets of French Marans and Ameracunas. They don't mix inside or outside the Dot House. Sigh.

And, the Big News is that Lacey no longer lives with us!  I came home one day only to find Lacey sitting on the front lawn eating one of the French Marans with a dead Ameracuna at her feet! OMG! All trust went out the window so I found a new home for her with a retired famer and his wife. She'll have a great home as a pampered pet...with no fowl around to tempt her.
The magnificent Tree of Heaven which creates incredible shade. Love this tree but not all the baby saplings it sends up throughout the yard!

We've had many storms this spring/summer so far and after a recent storm I looked out the kitchen window and saw the rainbow and the wonderful light. These moments just take my breath away.
And here is the other end of the rainbow, right over the barn. Storm light is so beautiful.

A beautiful Nebraska sky...after the storm.

Another view of the rainbow behind the Dot House.
The old cherry tree has come through another year with an abundance of sour cherries. I'll be picking this week and will begin making jam and pies. The wonderful birdhouse was a Christmas gift from Megan, Lucas's Mommy. I thought the cherry tree was the perfect setting for the unusual birdhouse.

The birdhouse flowerbed in the front yard is beautiful this year. See the closeups that follow...

I hope you are having a lovely summer,

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Janet said...

Sorry about Lacey, but glad she has a new home without chickens. I wonder what possesses them to do that. Love all the beautiful pictures of the rainbows and sky after the storms. Having a good summer but my flowers aren't that good after small hail that took about have of them. Will replant some this week.