Sunday, June 28, 2015

I'm Baaack

Hi Friends,

Made it through spring and nicely settled into summer now. We had lots of rain this spring so everything is green and lush. The garden is in and I have harvested swiss chard so far but I got the garden in late due to the cool rains. Everything looks great so there is promise.
Lots of baby colts this spring. That is always one of the highlights of April and May.
The roses are amazing this year. I grow very fragrant roses so when brought inside, the house smells so lovely. I tucked some spirea into the bouquet.

Although the temps have risen considerably, the pansies are still flourishing at the front door. I smile whenever I see them.
Those of you readers who have been with me from the beginning know that I have done many different things to protect my flower beds. First it was the free range chickens, the Dots, who made a mess of them. Then we got Buddy, our wonderful English Shepherd, and he dug many holes in the flower beds. I tried chicken wire (too hard on the hands of the gardener when weeding!), then large pine cones (thank you John and Cheryl for making a significant contribution) and then small rebar sticks around valuable plants. NONE worked. This spring, Mark put an electric fence around the flower beds. Buddy doesn't go near them so our flowers are coming back. I'm so happy that I don't mind that wire and yellow hooks that hold the wire. Often it is not on but Buddy doesn't know so he stays away. Sigh (of relief).
One of the 5 rose bushes with a heavenly scent.
And then there were 12. We lost one Dot recently, cause unknown. But the remaining are thriving and producing eggs so I'm happy. They are so fun to have around and they love their new location with lots of cover from hawks, cool trees to roost on or to take a dust bath beneath.
I hope you each have a fun summer. We have some fun planned so I can't wait. I'll be telling you about it as it happens.
Love, Delores

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Anonymous said...

I often think of you when I walk into a store and see the floral display and lean in to smell the roses only to be disappointed that they have no fragrance. I think, "Delores would not approve." I wish I could smell your roses!

Are you able to get into your flower beds with the electric fence? Do you turn it off before weeding and whatnot?

Enjoy Summer while we have it! Come the end of September, we might have snow flurries here in Toronto!