Saturday, December 14, 2013

Identity Crisis

If you look closely you'll see five adult guineas and five little keets. The keets have been growing like crazy with remarkable size and feather differences week to week.  I love these noisy creatures as they free range around the ranch. When there are fewer food choices during the winter, we supplement their feed.

You may recall my recent post when I described the guinea that hatched under a chicken and was raised with the baby chicks born at the same time. We noticed that she was getting aggressive with the hens so just before we moved the Dot House, we took the guinea and moved her to the guinea shack to be with the other guineas. For a few days she roamed with them but then we discovered her outside the Dots enclosure trying to get in. She found her old home.
She's walking along the fence, looking for
a way in, back and forth, back and forth.
From the time she could fly, she would fly outside the Dots enclosure but never could figure out how to fly back in. I think it has something to do with the size of her brain! Anyway, when shutting up the Dots for the night, Buddy and I would frequently have to work together to get the guinea back into the pen.

We caught the guinea in the Dot house and removed her. Today she is back inside the enclosure. This time she flew into the enclosure and we will leave her with the chickens. The chickens have a very large enclosure now so they have room to get away when she gets into the guinea mode of chasing incessantly. It is evident to me that this guinea definitely has an identity crisis. So unless she harms the Dots in some way, she stays with them. We'll let her live as a chicken.
"These are my peeps" - she happily flew
back into the Dots enclosure

"Ahh, home at last with my sista's. And
the food is better here too!"
No nightclubs for me friends, I get my entertainment pretty simply right in my backyard!

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