Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Sweetest Autumn

We've been enjoying a magnificent autumn. The trees and grasses are spectacularly colored this year with less wind to swipe the leaves from the trees. The wild grass is the same fall colors as the trees which paints a lovely palate that is a feast for the eyes. We've also been enjoying coolish weather in the 60s and 70s with cool evenings.

There are a lot of woolly bear caterpillars around this fall. It used to be thought that they could predict the weather of the forthcoming winter by their coloring; however, most scientists discount the folklore of woolly bear predictions as just that, folklore! I've noticed more than ever this year and I think it's because we've had such a long mild autumn.

The easy fall weather has encouraged the flowers to continue blooming and I've noticed several Monarch Butterflies on the flowers in the front birdhouse bed. I'm so grateful.
A closer look below of three have to look closely to see the orange and black butterflies...

The flowers have been so plentiful and beautiful this fall that I've been able to have regular bouquets in the house, one of the things that brings delight to me.

Our evenings have been blessed with gorgeous sunsets.
I hope your fall is mild and lovely. What will winter bring?

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