Thursday, May 13, 2010

Parade of Homes

Boy, the birds have some good real estate around here.  Not only do we have lots of trees, plum thickets, and tall grasses but we have put up some great houses for our fine feathered friends. Here is the Parade of Homes...

I participate in Cornell University's Project FeederWatch during the winter as a citizen scientist counting birds at the feeders and bird bath.  It is a worthwhile project in that it is helping the real scientists gather data to determine what is happening to the bird population across the US and Canada.  If you have any interest in birds, I recommend checking out Project FeederWatch.  It doesn't take much time at all but for me it brought a great appreciation for birds and now a recognition of local and migrating birds.  It is actually quite exciting.


jmc-schroed said...

Delores and Mark...your place looks so cute. Gary and Judy

Anonymous said...

Look at you, being a part of scientific research! Sweet!