Sunday, August 15, 2010

It Happened --- The Dots Are Lay'n

A real egg plant! grown by my friend Sandy
We got our FIRST EGG on Saturday and three more today!  The egg production has begun - and I'm thrilled and a little overwhelmed thinking how many eggs we will have if they keep laying - which... they... will. OMG! We'll have to figure that out soon. The eggs are coming from the DOTS not the egg plant in the picture; but doesn't it look like eggs?  I love it and will try to grow it next year.

The first egg which HAD to be memorialized

We had to taste the eggs so we had the four little poulet eggs for supper tonight and they ARE better tasting than store eggs, by far.
The four poulet eggs compared to regular eggs

The Dots clucking sounds have markedly changed and they sound like hens these days. The Dots free range and eat lots of greens and bugs which makes their eggs high in omega-3s which is very healthy.  It's amazing that the end of March when the chicks arrived at the Post Office, they were tiny little 2 day old fluffy chicks and now they are laying eggs.

It has finally cooled here after a couple weeks of hot and humid weather.  The cicadas have been singing for weeks now and they are for me the sound of summer. I associate that sound with childhood in South Dakota and it always brings up the memory of staying with my Grandparents in a little town for my week alone with them. There were five kids so a week alone with Grandy and Grandma was heaven.  We got a picture of one of the singers - check him out.

The morning glory vines have come into their full glory over the arbor and the garden bench. It's a delight to see them glowing in the morning sun. Well worth the wait.

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Anonymous said...

Oh......I want that kind of eggplant next year. I grew one of the purple variety this year and it produced "one". And, I would like to place an order for a dozen pulet eggs please.......LOL. We have been hearing Locusts here for about 5 weeks. Ive' always heard that 6 weeks after they begin to "sing" is when the first frost will come. I wonder if lucusts and cicadas are the same thing. If the story is true, we should have frost next week. Yikes........but we have been having cooler weather.......what a relief, so maybe that's all they are telling us. We're not ready for frost yet. Take care...........Sandy in South Daktoa.