Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Teaspoon Peeps

Baby quail sitting on teaspoon!
We got home from Indiana where we delivered our young friends, Sasha, Nina and Jake to their grandparents, and discovered we had a new feathered baby.  The first baby quail hatched and it is soooo tiny - as you can see it fits in a teaspoon!The little guy can really make a racket when he peeps but we've made a little 'nest' that he can climb under like Mommy's wings and then we just hear content quiet peeps.

Our trip to Indiana was great.  It was a beautiful drive through Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana.  The corn was fantastic throughout all those states - and with all the rain, the states are all green and lush. The kids travelled very well and thanks to Mom we had the help of a portable DVD player when boredom set in and the noise volume got too high. They were so excited to see Grandma Ann and Grandpa Jim who live in a charming cottage on the edge of a park. It is a perfect kid environment with great bike paths and a community pool and water slide a block away. We miss the kids but look forward to next summer with them. Here are a few of the beautiful flowers surrounding Grandma Ann and Grandpa Jim's cottage.
Blackeyed Susan's along the creek bank; above left is Tardiva Hydrangea


Janet said...

Welcome back and glad the trip went well. Love all the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Whew..........what a whirlwind summer you've had. I bet you're happy to be in the garden again, although it sounds like you had a great trip. And, what a sweet chick. :o)