Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cold Frame

I planted greens this fall --- spinach, arugala, swiss chard and lettuce --- with the idea of having fresh greens this winter. In order to do that I had to build a cold frame to protect them from the harsh elements of winter. It's an experiment so we'll see what happens. I went with the simple version - hay bales and an old window. I figured that since it worked in the old days, it should work now. I'll keep you posted.

These are the 'greens' that have been feeding us deliciously that will soon be in the cold frame; the first couple bales of hay have been placed around the produce

All four bales of hay have been placed around the greens.To allow heat to escape, the window can be raised

This is the finished 'cold frame' that includes 4 bales of hay and an old window to allow light to enter which will also heat the greens and keep them from freezing (or that's the theory anyway!)

Today Nebraska had it's second earthquake in two months! I thought we had left that behind in California.

One of our many fat spoiled squirrels who live on the ranch. There is lots of food around the place but Mark is providing really convenient eats for them on our deck. Of course we get to watch their antics up close.

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Katie Cameron said...

I remember cold frames! My mom used to use them in Indiana. I can't remember what she grew in there, though. Good luck with it!