Saturday, November 13, 2010


On the way to gather eggs!

We had visitors this week and it was lovely. My sisters'-in-law and their husbands visited the ranch for the first time. We had a great time visiting and playing the game, Sequence. I had fun cooking and Mark and I enjoyed sharing our life here on the ranch. Of course, everyone is interested in the Dots and gathering the eggs!! The gunieas had their fans too; as well as the horses. Gathering eggs from the outside is new to most everyone; it is very convenient.

Bill, Carolyn, Me, Marilyn and Micky showing off our bounty!

The baby keets are really growing and all the guineas are hanging out together these days. The youngsters are helping Momma Guinea care for the little ones. I watched them move out around the house today and snapped a few pictures.

The guineas spend their time together and one or two of the youngsters stay with the mother when she has the keets in or near the Guinea Shack; otherwise they all help her herd the keets around the tall grass.  As I watched today I could see the guineas eating weed and grass seeds and the little keets seemed to catch on quickly eating the short weeds and grasses.

Here are a few of our visitors to our busy backyard---

A northern flicker and a goldfinch drinking
White breasted nuthatch enjoying easy seeds
One of two cardinal pairs we know live here
And one of our many well fed squirrels getting a drink

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Janet said...

Saw the Northern Flicker in one picture. We don't like them as they make holes in the stucco siding on our house and garage. This year we had 32 holes and some clear through the old siding into the attic of the garage. I have some contacts to figure out how to keep them away. I put up one birdhouse, but that didn't work. We hung CD's from string and that helped but was too late for some areas. So I wouldn't be feeding them ha