Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saving For The Future

Last year during apricot season, Mark asked me to save some seeds for him to plant. I gave him a pie tin filled with seeds and he put them in the barn. One day this winter he noticed that the pie tin was empty! Where did the apricot seeds go?

This week he reached for his rubber boots and they were very heavy. He tipped one boot, and there were all the apricot seeds! The other boot was filled with corn kernels. Can you imagine the time it took for a squirrel to haul the apricot seeds and corn kernels one by one to fill two men's tall rubber boots? That was one busy squirrel saving for the future!

hummmmm --- If a squirrel can do it.....

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Kaye Mattson said...

Hi Delores,
Loved the story about Mark's boots and the treasures that they held! I had my husband come read it too. See you tomorrow at Master Gardener Class.
Kaye Mattson