Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blossoms, Blooms and Bitsy Seedlings

I've been in my element these past days since Easter, enjoying my spring flowers, watching over the new veggies coming up in the garden and tending the seedlings growing in the egg cartons. I've just transplanted them into the bigger pots. Below are plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and Purple Cherokee heirloom tomatoes. I can't wait to taste them in a few months! It will be worth the effort.

The fruit trees are blossoming - apple, pear and especially the peach trees are beautiful...

And, check out the new Welcome sign on The Dot House...thanks to friend Sandy O...not every chicken house has such a stylish front door!

That rooster on the door sign is the ONLY rooster on the ranch. They are just too noisy and bossy! We definitely have more peace among the girls without a rooster.

Sandra visited us this weekend and after spending Friday glued to the TV watching the Royal Wedding (yes, I'm admitting to our guilty pleasure); we worked on yard projects on Saturday. Sandra helped mount the sign on the chicken house door; she hand watered the garden, berry bushes, fruit trees and new tree seedlings while Mark and I planted ten Arbor Day Farm tree seedlings. We all worked together Planting several decorative grasses as a new border to the smaller front lawn area. The big garden project is getting the front yard freshened up...including seeding the grass bald spots, and planting tall grasses and bushes in the old lawn area that will be the extended wind break.

Sandra also befriended Lacey who got some tummy rubs after the first hello...

We've added two additional stock tanks to the garden raised beds and today we filled them with soil.  I'll be planting those tank beds with vegetable seeds soon.
The fragrance is spectacular too!

I hope you have some spring flowers in your home to enjoy,

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Anonymous said...

Oh my..............Lacey has grown. You are ahead of us down there. No blossoms here yet, but perhaps soon. A nice sunny day here today and finally no wind.

Sandy in South Dakota