Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Chickens Join the Flock

We have 5 new hens - Rhode Island Reds and are minus 2 roosters! We gave the roosters to our friends who provided the Reds.  The Reds seem to have integrated into the flock quite well. The Wyandotte's are still bossy and pushing all the girls around but these Reds are older so they are holding their own. Our pullets are still somewhat skittish but less so without the roosters. I tell you, if you want a calm henhouse, don't include roosters. Out of the 5 French Marans chicks, I have 2 left and we're only sure of one actually being a hen; the other could turn out to be a rooster. Not very good odds from that hatchery. The French Marans are the ones that lay the chocolate brown colored eggs and I was so excited to have them. Looks like I'll be going to Plan B for French Marans.

The new Reds were in too small of a space in their former home and were picking at each other so a couple of the hens have bald spots where their feathers were pulled out by other hens. I think they will be fine here since there is so much individual space for all the hens. They sure settled in quickly and are eating just fine. They are layers so I've already gotten eggs from them so my egg productions has already increased.
I love these girls - they have such personalities. My only named hen is Goldie and she continues to be my friend as I mow and move around the yard. The day the Reds arrived, I left all the hens in the pen all day to become acclimated. However, I discovered Goldie running outside the pen. Evidently she flew out of the pen and was enjoying free range all by herself. However, when I brought the kitchen scrapes to the pen, she followed me in. She's not stupid. Now they are all free range again and doing fine.

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