Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Water Hydrant In The Garden - My Dream Come True

The ditch from the garden on the way to the horse waterer
for hookup
 For a gardener, having water close to the garden is a dream. We had a waterline and hydrant put right at the garden and we will be installing a drip system to the tanks and ground beds. This is a dream come true because consistent watering is so crucial to a successful garden. Pulling hoses works but it is so much work and feels harder every year if you know what I mean.

This is at the turn; you can see the Ditch Witch
in the background
The Ditch Witch worked miracles digging a deep hole for the water pipes. Our friend connected the water lines to the horse waterer nearby which made this possible.

A great view of the junction
I can now keep my compost pile moist so it will work better too.

The hydrant between the raspberry pots; the bald spot
is where the ditch was dug and filled in after the pipe was

I'm so happy - this is my garden dream come true!

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