Friday, January 6, 2012

Lucas, The Great ... Chicken Catcher!

Lucas LOVES my chickens. When he arrives at our ranch, he immediately heads to the Dot House. This day was warm-ish, and the new hens are quite people friendly so we went into the pen together to check them out more closely.

The next thing I knew, Lucas was carrying a chicken to me to pet!
And then another...

He wanted to check everything out in the pen...

And he learned to be quiet otherwise they all ran into the Dot House...

A fun day in the chicken pen for a happy little boy. It's so fun to watch the interaction of children and animals. The next best thing to catching them is watering and feeding them and gathering eggs. A perfect day!
They are really beginning to lay so the production is up and soon I'll have enough to share with friends again.


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