Sunday, January 22, 2012

Guinness Worthy Pullet Egg

So as you know the young hens are now laying. And some are doing better than others but this is a Guinness Book of Records egg. Check it out.......
The Ameracuna laid one HUGE egg...compared to
traditional pullet eggs

It doesn't fit in the egg carton

A spectacular double yolker...and as you can see,
she has laid another the same size and the latest
just a tad smaller!
And to all the readers that have never tasted a farm fresh egg, so sorry. There is NOTHING like a fresh egg with it's orangy yellow yolk, firm white, and fresh flavor. Yum! I enjoy my chicken antics but it is the eggs that I love and worth the work.  I know what the hens eat, I know they get exercise and fresh air, and I know they are happy hens so I know I am feeding my family and friends with healthy eggs.

Early morning scratching for ground goodies. You can see
by the back fence the two ice blocks from the water bowl 
that was emptied before putting in fresh water. There is
no snow on the ground but the cold weather freezes the water
overnight if I forget to empty it out when putting the
hens in for the night.
This is the friendliest of the hens, she's a speckled
Sussex. Very sweet and loves to be stroked and held
tight. Who would have thought that chickens like to
The hens tend to lay from early morning to mid-afternoon. We've been getting between nine to a dozen eggs per day now. We have 18 hens total at this time. With that amount of fresh eggs every day, the cartons add up in the refrigerator quickly. I love sharing the eggs with friends.

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Janet said...

I'm in Sioux Falls and have 5" of snow, may get more tonight. I was going to go down and see Nancy but the roads aren't good. May go tomorrow for a bit and then take hwy. 18 to Winner, see mom and then go home. Love seeing the pictures of your babies and wish I was there to buy eggs from you. I can taste them now, not like store bought.
Stay warm