Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Cottage Industry?

So, we've decided to start a new cottage industry making --- golf balls. We have a natural production line. What do you think?
Well, in the old days, we're told, people put carved wooden eggs in the nests to suggest to young hens that the nest is where they should lay. We heard that golf balls also work so we put one in each nest and... it works!
With one hen that's gone broody, it's working too good! She has been setting on the golf ball for several days now thinking it is an egg to be hatched (if only!), thus the new cottage industry idea. Ha Ha This would be the modern equivalent of the goose that laid the golden egg! But we aren't as optimistic as the broody hen so after this picture, I removed the golf ball and got her out and about.
Aren't the girls pretty?
Relaxing on a warm day...
Today I'll be ordering the baby chicks for spring delivery. It is always such a fun thing to plan the variety of chicks and to anticipate their arrival.

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