Monday, June 25, 2012

Picking Cherries With Family and Friends

The cherries are ripe and they have brought some wonderful people together...
beautiful luscious cherries
Granddaughter, Kelsey, pitting cherries
for a cherry pie.

Our granddaughter, Kelsey, graduated from college in early June. I was able to attend her graduation in Kalamazoo MI and it was a great family experience. We are so proud of her.
On her way back home, she travelled through NE and stopped to spend a few days with us. She really wanted to bake, so we made cookies and she picked cherries for a pie. We always have so much fun baking and cooking together.

Last weekend friends from California graced us with their visit. Connie and her daughters Brooke and Hannah drove to NE from Colorado where Brooke is employed.  We haven't seen them in several years so it was a treat for us. Mark pastured his horses at their property for several years and Connie homeschooled her children so the family and Mark became great friends after spending lots of time together.
Hannah happily picking cherries
Connie and Brooke picking cherries
The fruit of their labor - beautiful, isn't it?
They and Mark graciously picked the entire tree so this week I'll be making pies and jam.  We had a fun visit and also enjoyed cherry pie...and some great card games! What a competitive group!
The Card Sharks... Hannah, Connie,
Brooke, and Mark

The weekend went so quickly.

The lovely family of Connie,
Hannah and Brooke on the
swing before saying goodbye
(Check out Hannah's shoes -
two different colors, newest
style? Just friends staying in
touch during the summer by
switching one shoe!)

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Kaye M said...

Wow, you really have a great cherry crop this year!