Saturday, June 30, 2012


It is still very hot here and everyone and everything is suffering. I water everyday trying to keep the trees, saplings, bushes, plants, flowers and veggies alive. Not all are thriving but most are living.

Buddy has a hairy coat which is much thinner than in the winter but a coat nevertheless. He seeks shade under the evergreens, sometimes digs a hole in one of my shady beds to lie in, and today he ran through the sprinkler, howling with what sounded like pure doggie joy...
I had just turned on the sprinkler and
Buddy began to run around the sprinkler
in circles
Then he began howling as he ran, a
happy howl
The cool water had to feel so good

Back around, occasionally lifting his
head to swallow water

This was a BIG joyful yowl, before
some major shaking off the water

This shows his speed

He's going for the good soak
Keep cool, dear readers, and enjoy your summer Saturday!

1 comment:

Sandi said...

I love love the pictures of Buddy playing under the sprinkler. A great way to cool off. Do you do it, too? :)