Tuesday, July 3, 2012

All About Horses

The last of the baby horses was born late last week...a little filly that Buddy tried to check out with great caution. Afterall, Mom is standing right there!
He had better luck with the older babies, here one was as curious about Buddy as he was with her.

And then on Friday our friends had a Horse Drive...like a cattle drive but only with horses. The cowboys and cowkids drove about thirty mares and babies from one pasture to another. In this case, they needed to travel on a highway for some distance so that added some excitement, here's a video and some pictures so you can see what I mean...
Here they come out of the pasture
and begin their journey on the highway

What a beautiful sight

This is why there are cowboys -
to keep them moving preferably
along the road

Not a sight you see everyday,
even in Nebraska!

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Kaye M. tkmattson@hotmail.com said...

Enjoyed the video of the horses! The sound of the hooves hitting the pavement really added to the whole effect!