Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Update on Animals at Edwards Ranch

I've had several of you ask about the pullets that we acquired in the spring. Among all the varieties of breeds, we had two varieties that only was available in 'straight run' which means they don't sex the babies so you could get a mix of females and males aka roosters! Well, we got mostly roosters in that gamble. Roosters are protective of the flock but they can be very rough with the hens which is stressful for the flock so I prefer hens only in my Dot House.

But those roos are gorgeous as you can see here from the pictures where they are currently in 'Rooster Jail' apart from the pullets. Those boys are competitive so it would be mighty risky if we put them where they will compete to create their own flocks from the mass of pullets. So they are in a separate pen waiting to be sold.

Here are some of the roos for you to see...
In the foreground, a magnificent Blue
Andalusian rooster and in the rear you
see several French Black Copper Marans
both of which are rare breeds. The
picture doesn't do justice to their unusual
feather coloring. The feathers of the Blue
Andalusian rooster is considered a fine
material for tying artificial flies for fishing.
Another rare rooster is the Blue
Laced Wyandotte in the center of the
picture. Their feathers are so beautiful.
These are French Black Copper
Marans --- notice their feathery
legs and silky colorful feathers.
The hens of this breed lay the
dark chocolate brown eggs.
A Blue Andalusian pullet
An Araucana aka Easter Egg chicken 
who gives us the beautiful blue
or green eggs. These are one
of my favorite breeds.
A Silver Spangled Hamburg sitting on
the nest roost along with some Black
Australorps and Black Giants.
A few of the pullets we plan to keep;
the others will be sold. Are you interested
in a colorful chicken or a set of three, a
rare rooster and 2 matching hens? Just
email or call me if you are!!
The white with black necklace is a
Columbian Wyandotte, there is a
Partridge Rock in front and a couple
Araucanas. We're getting 20+ eggs
per day at this time so they are just
beginning to lay and those numbers
will just go up. We need to sell some
of  these girls quick.
And then there is our beautiful sweet
dog, Buddy
Buddy cornered a porcupine the other night and ended up with several quills on his lips and nose! It was a painful lesson. I had never seen a live porcupine nor removed quills before so it was quite the experience and one I hope to not repeat. I'm sure Buddy would agree!
Buddy guarding the front of the house

The guineas eating bugs on their
regular route around the house. We
only have six remaining but haven't
lost one in a long time. The baby
didn't survive but there is always next
I hope you enjoyed the update!


Sandi said...

The roosters are beautiful - so many different varieties! Buddy looks so lean and sweet. Would it be too sentimental to take a picture of him for Marcine?

Delores said...

Great idea Sandi, I'll get it done!