Monday, March 25, 2013

Wild Life Next Door

Living in the country among nature is something special. Now that we have Buddy, we have less wildlife coming onto our place because he guards it fiercely, so nowadays it's raccoons, possums or porcupines that he mainly chases away. However, on our neighbors large property next to us which he uses for hunting is something else. Our neighbor, Dick, installs motion cameras around his property to see what creatures are roaming about or living there. He has graciously shared some of those scenes that are spectacular. Here goes...
This is a rare sight of a deer trying to ward off others from the
hay pile. Have you ever seen a deer stand on its hind legs like
Looks like its working!
A deer herd eating hay left out for them. It's been
a tough winter with little grass available along with a
terrible disease that has decimated the deer population
in Nebraska.
This buck is taking a wide berth around the
porcupine. I don't blame him since I helped
take quills out of Buddy's nose and lip. I could
tell that the quills hurt him.
Bobcat out for a stroll...or...ready for the hunt
Mama bobcat and twins - pretty rare to see
Male turkeys fighting for territory. They wrap their
necks around each other and try to bite the tongue
of the other. Whoever gets his tongue bitten off will
lose and die. Pretty harsh reality in nature. This is a
rare sight as well.
A bull snake, big but beneficial. I've seen them
and am always surprised and a little creeped out;
however, I understand they are good guys.
Amazing pictures, aren't they?


Sandi P. said...

The wildlife pictures are just fabulous! I've never seen a deer on it's hind legs! Tell Dick thanks so much for sharing!

JoAnn said...

These are National Geographic quality! Never had seen the turkey wrapping necks like that either. You have high activity at night there. Not sure I'd want to go for a moonlight stroll? :) Thanks to you both for sharing. Amazing shots!