Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Winter to Spring

We haven't had much winter in Nebraska this year but we've had a couple snow storms since the first of January. There are buds on the trees and bushes and I see tulips and daffodils poking through the ground.

I've planned my spring vegetable garden and have ordered my seeds. I've ordered the baby chicks for arrival the first week in April. So even though we are still officially in winter, spring is truly just around the corner.

We've started to see and hear the birds migrating - mostly geese so far. Our wild birds have been enjoying the easy food and water that we keep on the back deck.

Buddy has matured into a great watchdog. He patrols our little ranch at night and oftentimes corners a possum or a raccoon which creates all sorts of nighttime racket. He has done a great job keeping our place clean of critters and safe for the birds, both domestic and wild.

Above is snow sliding down the roof...
and almost ready to fall off...
A couple sparrows checked out this birdhouse all day. They cleaned out some of last years nest and spent time rearranging the rest. It looks like this house may be spoken for.

Everyday on the ground beneath the feeders there are many ground feeders helping themselves. The wild birds stay around all winter when there is plenty of food and ice free water. It delights me to watch them and their antics when not much else is happening in nature.
Robins stay around here all winter. They come in large flocks to drink the heated water and then to take baths. When they arrive, I have to fill the birdbath several times during the day.
Bluebirds stayed around this winter too.
The bluebirds in the tree are waiting their turn in the birdbath.

It's still windy, blustery, and cold but the birds are singing and checking out the birdhouses and seeming to be pairing up. Can spring be far behind?

I'm trying to enjoy each season as it comes and be patient for the next to arrive. At this time of year, it is hard to do this. I can look out the window and 'see' in my minds eye what spring has in store and frankly, I can't wait!


Sandi P. said...

So great to see your blog again -- the winter scenes are just beautiful. Yesterday, we had snow gentle coming down while the sun was shining. Great to see Buddy!

Delores said...

So nice to hear from you. Yes, I'm back and feeling great. I worked out this morning for the first time in a month and it was great.