Friday, June 4, 2010

Another Baby Boy

Our mare, Effie, had her baby two days ago - another baby boy in our horse family!  This new baby is so tiny - he's adorable. Wouldn't you agree? No name yet.  Just like human families, not as much fanfare with the second baby!

This makes our 4th boy this spring but 2 were born at friends in South Dakota so we've only had the two born here.  We're spending regular time massaging the first baby so he gets really gentle and broke to lead. This is the closest I've ever been to a baby horse so I love it and am thrilled that Mark is including me in this process. The baby is so muscular and yet soft. He is a handsome guy. (BTW, he is the only one around here getting massages these days - good for him, bummer for me!) Mark is so great around horses and knows how to work with them so they are comfortable. It has been good for me too, getting comfortable with the horses. The mares are so sweet and patient when we are playing with their babies. They are really good mothers. We'll start working with the new baby soon.
Check out the birds that share our country place - so beautiful. Mark is the photographer and some of these
pictures are Wows. Try clicking on each picture for an enlarged view.

The bluebird house is outside our kitchen window so we get to witness these sites daily.

Country birdbath... 
We have LOTS of yellow finches to our delight. We have four feeders off our deck so we see lots of action. 

A big wind moved the feeders together.
Country GYM... This is my main exercise.  We have lots of grass so I easily get my 10,000 steps in on the days I mow.  It takes me 2-3 days to get the entire yard done. I know it sounds crazy, but I LOVE to mow.

 The DOTS are beginning to get braver and venturing farther from the Dot House (aka chicken coop).


Anonymous said...

What a cutie. Oh, and nice pic of you mowing. Love the hat. LOL. Do you ever use the country birdbath to fry up a chicken LOL LOL LOL.
Have a great weekend and congrats on the new baby. Tell Mark to be sure to save a massage for you.

Janet said...

I look forward to all your pictures so I can live through your garden since we have no flowers. I did get out and trim back the two year old birch tree that the top died off, but growing from the bottom and can see some little buds popping out. Happy you didn't get the hail like Colome did. Mark, love all the photos.

Faraz said...

Delores you proved that the Dots can live there indeed. They are very cute, and I like your country birdbath :) I would find a big one for myself if I was living there, imagine sitting in a hot tub like that in a place like that.... well back to work on computers :(