Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Garden Structure is Showing

Today the garden looks so great and you can really see the garden structure. It's not the same as being here but check it out...
This is the garden from the SE corner looking NW. The garden is totally lined with brick and some stone that Mark found on the property. It provides a good boundry on three full sides.

This is the south side of the garden which includes squash, beans, rhubarb and potatoes. Mark dug the trenchs along 3 sides of the garden, filled it with gravel and good top soil. I put the crops here that need room to ramble,  some of the beans will climb the bean branches like the peas are doing.  The potatoes are laying on the ground covered with 4-6" of hay - outside the garden - it is a technique from Ruth Stout who wrote the 1961 book "Gardening Without Work" and "How to Have a Green Thumb without An Aching Back". She is a hoot to read and I'm trying some of her techniques this summer. Already 3 potato plants are coming up through the hay.  I'm quite excited since I just laid out the potatoes on the ground, covered with hay, and didn't have to do any digging. I originally watched an old video of Ruth Stout on YouTube that was so interesting but it has been removed due to copywrite issues. Anyway, I think she had it right about using mulch to lessen work. She was quite elderly in the video and I'm sure she is now deceased. She left a wonderful legacy.
The potatoes are in the area in the upper left side of the picture - they are growing under the hay! In the middle of the picture are the hills of squash. In rows under the bean branches are the beans.  The branches are there for the beans to climb. On the far right edge of the south garden are herbs. The west side ground garden includes more beans, garlic, onions, asparagus and sweet potatoes.

This is looking north from the SE side of the garden.  Asparagus, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, onion and basil are in these beds. You can really see the brick edge of the garden along with the arbor. I have most everything heavily mulched with hay or pine straw that we brought back from North Carolina.  It really keeps the weeds down and the soil evenly moist ala Ruth Stout.
This is a nice view of the garden, you can see how the tanks relate to the surrounding inground beds. Blueberry bushes make the northern border for the garden. In this view, you see the strawberry tank closest to the camera, the tomatoes in the middle, and the northern tank is peppers and broccoli. Across from the strawberries, is the snow peas/carrots/and soybean tank; the middle tank across from the tomatoes holds beets, peas, and the last of the spinach; and the northern most tank holds lettuce, kale and cauliflower. Yum, Yum!
This view is from the NW and if you look closely you can see the 6 blueberry bushes which will eventually form the north boundry of the garden. They are small but really doing well, we're seeing great growth. They are our favorite fruit so we are really really excited about these little bushes!  On the west side, just outside the garden, are 2 more blueberry bushes and 2 raspberry bushes (our second favorite fruit). You can see the garden in relationship to the cottage. The deck faces the garden.
The garden bench is a special place in the garden. The structure around it is part of an old rusted metal porch railing that Mark found on the property. I planted moonflower and morning glory to climb the towers and johnny jumpups and allysym under the bench. The Wee Gnome sits on the rocks under the bench among the shamrocks. I can't wait to see how this develops over the summer. It is a great place to rest & contemplate. I'll send updates as the growth progresses this summer.

To the left is the fabulous lettuce we have been enjoying; and on the right is the kale. I will be freezing the kale this weekend. It will be great this winter in soup. I got most of my seeds from SeedSavers Exchange in Iowa.

This is looking south from the NE edge of the garden.  I think you have the idea of the structure of the garden.

The sundial...

The deck view from the rocking chairs...
So tonight as I have been creating this blog post, we had a BIG storm - thunder, lightening, rain, hail... but not enough to damage the garden, I hope. My Mother, Bessie, was a weather worrier. She would go from window to window, checking the sky and anticipating the damage. OMG, I inherited the Bessie weather worrier gene! This was a very stressful storm. Now that it is over and it appears that we just really got a lot of rain and wind, I feel better. Tomorrow everything will look like it got a great drink of water.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice tour of the garden. It looks so peaceful there. And, you two have quite the green thumbs. I'm so glad to hear that you didn't get an awful storm like we have been getting here. And, I'm sure Bessie is looking down and is very proud of all you are doing. :O)
Hugs, Sandy