Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It Rained Apricots Last Night

Late late last night as I was still trying to fall asleep, I heard the wind come up and then it really started to blow. Next to our bedroom is a huge old gnarled tree - I could hear the branches brush the house and then I heard several things falling onto the roof - like balls. There wasn't any rain so it wasn't hail. This morning we had apricots all over the yard! Yeah!!!!!!!! Another great find - I LOVE apricots.

Last fall, Mark fed the trees in the yard. This spring during the dry times we watered the trees. Early spring this old tree was covered with white fragrant blossoms - so we knew it was a fruit tree but didn't know exactly what kind. We thought apple or crabapple but it is an APRICOT. I'm making jam tomorrow!

Mark and I picked the entire cherry tree on Sunday. Look at the bounty! They are sitting in an old turkey roaster and the tea cup gives you an idea of the volume of fruit. I then made the cherry jam and dry packed 11 pints of cherries to use through the winter for pies, etc. Our freezer is beginning to look like a food version of a pirates treasure chest. Fantastic!

Check out the growth in the garden at this time. Those are tomatoes in the tank - and boy do they have lots of tomatoes setting on.
 And check out the winter squash.

The flowers are blooming behind the garden bench. It's a great place to sit and chill or to talk with friends on the cell phone. Yeah, I let technology interrupt occasionally so I stay connected.

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sdgeeek said...

Apricots, that is a good find!! All I can think is that a person with the right skills could make a nice variety of wines.