Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bringing Out The Noodle Fan

I wanted to be outside today because of the beautiful weather, but it's too muddy in most of the yard, and still snow covered in other parts, so there isn't much to do outside yet. That said, it was a great day for making homemade pasta. Yum!!

Pasta making is satisfying and easy with a pasta machine. The recipe is so basic... 10 oz of flour, 3 eggs and 1/2 tsp salt from which the delectable pasta emerges after a little stirring, a little kneading and then 30 minutes of rest. I made one batch of egg noodles and another with whole wheat flour and flax seed. By making my own, I ensure that there are no chemicals in the pasta. Check it out ---
Weighing the flour

The whole wheat dough being worked in the pasta

Cutting the pasta

Egg noodles drying on the oven handles

Noodles drying with the help of Mom's Noodle Fan

The day's work drying

When we were growing up our Mom would make homemade noodles especially for chicken noodle soup. Both her noodles and her soup were just delicious and considered a treat. After the noodles were made she would dry them with her little "noodle fan" which she gave me. It's a lovely touchstone with my it does a fabulous job of drying the pasta. I thought about her a lot today.


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