Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Ground Is Awakening

It's spring! Birds are beginning to check out the birdhouses, tulips are poking through the ground and setting buds, the grass is greening, and I'm in the garden planting the first seeds. This is heaven!

Carrots, spinach and swiss chard in perfect soil
Chioggia and Bull's Blood beets & French Breakfast radishes
with Alaska & Little Marvel green peas in another tank

I planted early lettuce in this tank alongside the green which
are spinach plants that were in the cold frame. The cold
frame wasn't a success so I'll have to make adjustments for next

This tank is full of winter onions and garlic; you
can never have enough!

Well, the chicken wire on the beds helped keep the chickens from scratching during the fall and winter when there wasn't snow but now I can barely keep up widening the holes for the bulbs---so I need to rethink this solution!

Unfortunately Lacey has been trying to help me plant and that doesn't work! As you can see, she's really grown alot. I have to admit I will be very happy when she has grown out of her puppy stage. She is into everything and she does damage at times. She decided to play with the trunk wrap of one of the flowering crabapple trees and in the process broke off the tree. I think my lesson is patience; and it's a huge lesson right now.

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