Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blast Off!

Blast Off!! That was the call of our 3 year old friend, Rogan, when he was on the big tree swing in our front yard. He loved to be pushed so high that his little shoes could touch branches on another tree. At one point he fell, and through tears and shaky voice told his Mom that he wanted to get back on the swing.

We had the privilege of hosting friends from Pasadena, California. Juliet and I worked together in Burbank for many years. For Juliet and her husband Kevin, both pretty much 'city kids', our little ranch was the deepest country they had ever experienced. We're ten miles off the paved highway in the lightly populated state of Nebraska.

Kevin, Juliet, Bree and Rogan

Rogan's adorable little sis, Bree, at 10 months just smiled and contentedly was part of all the activity. Her main activities were eating and sleeping! But she spent alot of time pulling herself up and getting steady on her feet. Any day now and Juliet and Kevin will have two little tornado's in their home.

When planning this visit, we had hoped that Rogan could experience running free in all this open space in the country. Well, the best laid plans. They arrived on Wednesday evening, and the rain and fierce winds started on Thursday and kept up all day followed by rain, sleet and snow on Friday! There was a break in the weather on Thursday so Rogan got to swing on the big tree swing; and they got to hold a baby chick, pet the baby horses, and check out the garden.

Juliet, Bree, Rogan and me - Finally a beautiful day!
Rogan riding with Mark in the arena
We went to the County Fair Grounds Arena to watch Mark work with the teens learning the fine points of cattle cutting for competition in the High School Rodeo Association. This was a totally new experience for the family and Rogan got to ride with Mark around the Arena. Such a fun day - in spite of the weather.

Friday during the winter storm, our little cottage seemed to shrink with a 3 year old filled with pent up energy.

They departed for home on Saturday morning which dawned with calm winds, blue sky and warmer weather so Rogan got to feed the chickens, pet a hen and check out the garter snake that Mom was brave enough to hold--- and have one more 'Blast Off' on the swing.

Juliet was brave enough to pick up
the garter snake for Rogan to see
up close
Baby chick & Rogan

Rogan almost lost in the tall grass
Blast Off!!!!!
We had a wonderful time showing our city friends life in the country...

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