Saturday, August 20, 2011

Childhood Memories In The Making

We've been enjoying our second summer with Sasha, Nina and Jake. We picked them up in Omaha and gave them an opportunity to blow off some steam on the Wagon Train sculptures before the three hour ride home. They had a blast as you can see. The figures are all bigger than life size and the kids climbed on every one! 
Fearless Nina
Riding on the pack horse
CHARGE! Sasha riding the yoke of the oxen
Jake climbed on every wagon and animal in this
wagon train. Amazingly athletic for six years old.

Across the street from the Wagon Train in Pioneer Park are a herd of buffaloes running up the street; including one cutting through the corner of the building...
Sasha on the unusual buffalo!

Nina riding on the buffalo calf running up the street;
see Jake on the buffalo charging behind Nina...
...All three riding the charging buffalo - and barely
holding on!
When we arrived at the ranch, we first had to meet the new animals ---
Jake and Nina meeting the miniature donkey along
with Buddy

Duley showing off for the girls. He is our little
colt born this spring at the ranch. Pretty handsome
isn't he?

Duley and his Mom, Boon
And then it's time to explore the rest of the ranch and begin VACATION in NEBRASKA...
The swings get a good workout...

Uncle Mark and Jake playing checkers...

And even mowing is fun when on vacation! Right, Sasha?

And every day is filled with fun and activities and fun activities.
To Be Continued...


Janet said...

Looks like a fun end of the summer vacation. And hope your garden did well. Talk to people around here and not a good produce year for the ones that got hail twice. And tomatoes are slow. Take care.

Anonymous said...

What fun. And, you have a donkey now.....does it have a name?.....are you 2 getting ready to open a zoo? And I see that Mark is walking just fine on his own. Good Job. Buddy is a cutiie.

Sandy in South Dakota

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures!