Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Late Summer is County Fair Time

I have been having a great time 'working' the local county fairs. So far this summer, I have worked 3 county fairs. One, Howard County Fair, is my county and I worked two others in the area as well to help accumulate volunteer hours for my Master Gardener requirement.
I helped in the horticulture area where young 4H-ers brought in the vegetables or flowers that they grew for judging. My role was to accept the entries, make sure all the paperwork was filled out, and get the entry to the judge.  Once judged, I would put the correct ribbon on the entry and prepare for display.

We would encourage the kids to interview with the judge. One exchange was with an 8 year old girl who brought in a huge teacup pot with a tiny but very healthy snake plant in it. She told the judge 'my Dad died and this plant is from his funeral. It wasn't doing so good, so I decided to save it. All the big leaves died but I helped these little leaves live. I love this plant'. She told the judge what she did to revive it and care for it. She received a Purple Ribbon.
Floriculture display at county fair
cucumbers ready for judging
melons and pumpkins sporting ribbons
The 4H program for kids is so impressive. The kids here who are members and participate at the fair are overall so responsible; and have so much fun showing their talents at the fair. Our friends grandkids show pigs, horses and cattle. There are categories for sheep, goats and chickens. They are responsible for taming them for show, feeding them so they grow healthy, and grooming them so they are pretty at the show. Lots of work and learning in that process. The same for horticulture and all the other categories. Yesterday we had very young children bring in rockets that they built and actually set off successfully, they proudly brought things they crafted from wood such as step stools and display shelves and pretty boxes. I saw quilts, clothes and home items hand sewn by young people and tons of cookies, cakes and bread beautifully displayed. I'm a FAN!
Judging baked goods - Now that is a great job!
In a couple weeks I get to work the Nebraska State Fair. I am so excited about that new adventure. And, I'll be looking for the kids who won Purple and State Fair ribbons from county fair to see how they do at the State. Very exciting times in the country right now.

Check out your local County or State Fair, you might just have fun,

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Sandi said...

Judging the County Fairs sound fun - impressed to see kids participate in something so positive and healthy.