Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Summer Memories of Ordinary Days

You may not believe me, but the pies and bread above were made by an 8 year old! Yes, I think Nina has the baking gene. Check this out.
Nina has the touch when kneading bread. She doesn't over-handle but can really work the bread. This is sourdough rosemary. Yum!

As you can see, she made 2 batches. I oversaw the measuring but she mixed and kneaded.
The same day we made two pies, one peach and one raspberry/strawberry. Here is Nina mixing the pie dough.

Now this is the most impressive for me. Nina is crimping the pie edge. This is the second pie so with just this little bit of practice, the second pie looks like a professional did it!

Here she is putting on the egg wash and cinnamon sugar before baking. It won't be too many years and she'll be making this pie on her own.

Another day was cookie baking day. We made chocolate chip and oatmeal nut raisin. All the kids got involved at one step or another but Nina was in all the way.
The house smells like a bakery and the counters are covered with cookies.
Jake came around in time for licking the beaters!
So after the hot kitchen, putting the sprinkler under the swings seemed the perfect refresher! Nina and Jake swinging sideways into the water.

We planned to go to town for a movie this afternoon, so the girls decided to wash my car. Sasha started scrubbing off the country road dirt and dust. Buddy is enjoying their company but staying away from the water.

Nina is scrubbing the caked on mud. They took their job seriously and did a first rate job.

Mark and I took the kids to the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer for an afternoon of fun. We stopped for lunch at Freddy's before going to the museum.  The kids had a marvelous time, especially in the play "pioneer cabin" full of furniture, clothes, dolls, pot and pans, dollhouses and old time games. We toured the 1890's Railroad Town and they had fun but wanted to go back to the "pioneer cabin" to finish out the afternoon.
The girls tried on all the prairie dresses.
Sasha sweeping up the play cabin.

The girls tried on period hats in the milliners shop in Railroad Town. And we all enjoyed old fashioned cold drinks at the cafe.
We got to take care of Lucas one afternoon which was a real treat for Nina.

The swings got a daily workout. I use them too when there is no company. All adults should have a swing. It's a lovely thing to rest and be in the moment.

The last night of their visit I made fruit dumplings, a Czech treat, which the kids consider a special treat. Their mom is from the Czech Republic so they enjoy several of the classic Czech dishes regularly.

Being at a different place makes the most ordinary things fun. We enjoyed many ordinary days but somehow, together with our special young friends, they became extraordinary.

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Looks good! we miss you two lots!
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