Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bacon, Bottles, Birds

We enjoy bacon now and then but with just two of us a package of bacon will go bad before we get it eaten. Here is a solution to that problem:
Remove bacon from package and roll up like
in the picture; place in freezer as is

Once frozen remove from plate and put into
a plastic freezer bag to store

To use, just remove from freezer, take out the
number of bacon slices you wish to use, and
put into your frying pan frozen. It won't take long
to thaw and you can enjoy bacon anytime without
concern of it spoiling.

Mark had three bottles of soda in his truck from his last trip to CA when he delivered horses.  He took them out and put them on a shelf in the barn. The other day he noticed that one of them had not frozen and the other two were frozen solid.  Check out this picture of the Mountain Dew that is still liquid along with the Dr Pepper and A&W Root Beer. What do you suppose is in the Mountain Dew? I knew it wasn't good for you because of all the sugar and caffeine but antifreeze?

I just shook the Mt Dew, see the bubbles on top?
The other two bottles are frozen solid.

See the bubbles in the Mountain Dew?
Now it wouldn't be my blog without a picture of birds, right? I love those creatures.  Here are some we caught on camera while feasting yesterday in the snow.
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Janet said...

Very funny about the soda. This is why I never drink it, don't know what is in it, plus gives me a headache.

Anonymous said...

Did you check the Mountain Dew for Vodka??? :)

You look lovely in your red coat against that white wonderland! And we have no snow right now in Torontp. You guys and NYC got it all!

Best wishes to you in the New Year. Can't wait to see the new "Easter Chicks." :)


ruthannmoore1220 said...

I agree with Robin - love your new format with the picture of you in the red coat! That's a great tip about freezing the bacon too! With just me and Emily at the house, I always have to throw out more than half the bacon when I buy it! Now I'll freeze it and we can enjoy bacon more often! Happy New Year! Ruth Ann

Anonymous said...

HI, Happy New Year, I have a comment about the chickens. I talked to a young man the other day who sells eggs and he and his mother told me that if you give the chickens warm water to drink they are more likely to lay more eggs. Who knows, but they said it works for them.
Nice pics and a nice new look.
Sandy in South Dakota