Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cozy Cottage

We are honored to have my parent's chandelier in our
country cottage. In order to make it a bit more humble
I have added some do-dads including our lovely funny
little spotted chicken to lighten the mood in our dining
I also added some modern shades and removed
some of the crystals to countrify the chandelier

Our new sofa - great for TV watching & naps

I love making the cottage homey and cozy especially during the cold cold winter. It was time for a sofa which would give us more flexibility than the two overstuffed chairs...which by the way had been recovered 2 times in 30 years! I love the look of 'accumulated' things rather than a matched suite of furniture. Our cottage is small so it took some time to find a sofa that was the right scale.

The new sofa is perfect for reading too. A couple new books to consider ---
Rose in a Storm by Jon Katz which is unusual for an adult book in that it is told from the point of view of Rose, a dedicated working border collie. Charming. Or, Slow Love (How I Lost My Job, Put On My Pajamas & Found Happiness by Dominique Browning, a true story about Dominique Browning who was editor-in-chief of Conde Nast's House & Garden Magazine (one of my favorite magazines BTW) and one Monday in 2007 was told she had four days to pack up her office. Like thousands of others, she was out of work. The magazine was closed down. It is a delightful book about her self discovery and her journey back from despair to a new life.

Too big for the cottage... a Great Pyrenees in the making...
Lacey is learning quickly, already knows her name and loves to work with Mark around the ranch as she follows him everywhere and explores while he is working. I try to go out twice a day to play with her and walk her around the property so she begins to learn what is hers to protect. She and the Dots are in training learning to trust one another. She is so lovable but definitely an outdoors dog. There's no room for her in the cottage-literally due to her eventual size-plus I'm allergic to dogs---even Lacey. She'll have a great life outdoors with a meaningful job protecting Edwards Ranch and all its inhabitants. Isn't she adorable?


Janet said...

Lacy is so cute. And love the chandelier and that it was your mothers. And didn't mention that I didn't know she quilted. Through your blog I'm learning things about her I never knew, even though I knew her all my life. Thank you for that and the book recommendations. We are sooo cold now and think you may be too. It's now -13 and will get colder by morning. Only saving grace is, it will start warming up by Wed. And wouldn't be bad if the wind wasn't blowing like crazy. Like the new sofa and your home is so neat. Hope to see it one day.

Anonymous said...

My neice would say that your style is eclectic...and it's lovely. It's very cold here also.......sub-zero in the nights..........and, also terribly windy. I'm thinking that "Phil" won't see his shadow tomorrow. LOL
Sandy in South Dakota

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